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June 2019

Masterpiece for octabins

Now change pallets under octagonal bulk boxes easily

The operation begins impressively when the forklift drives in with the octabin on the pallet and the pallet-sliding device encloses the octagonal bulk box in a virtually form-fitting way. As soon as the pallet is set down, it is replaced immediately: With the help of the forklift and a new pallet on the fork, the operator pushes the old pallet out of the back opening of the PSV. Your actual freight, the filled octabin, moves smoothly to the target pallet. Perfectly positioned, it goes straight to where it is needed.

The PSV for octabins is tailor-made for octagonal bulk boxes that are used for transporting and storing goods particularly in the chemical industry. Typical transport goods in this heavy-duty packaging solution are pellets or granular, bulk or ground materials. The PSV is designed for octabins on a standard square pallet measuring 1,140 × 1,140 mm (CP3, CP8, CP9). Other sizes and models such as stainless steel upon request. For daily use, the pallet-changing station is extremely robust. The construction is reinforced with crossbeams and is anchored to the floor on site. Due to the heavy weight of filled octabins (up to 1,000 kg), the use of our polyamide rails for side and middle support is advised.


January 2019

Among the top ten

US model Nippon Express

Not only the unusual inch size of 48” × 40” (approx. 122 × 102 cm), but above all the construction design featuring top deckboards applied transversely to the regular sliding direction challenged our engineering skills: Nippon Express, a renowned top player among the top ten logistics groups working worldwide, asked for a pallet-sliding device that could be used for American GMA pallets. Our solution: We just slide the four-way-entry pallet transversely to the usual direction!

Simply by turning the GMA pallet by 90°, the deckboards run parallel to the sliding direction. The US PSV model masters all the other demands through its customized design taking adjusted specifications for length, width and height into account. Three polyamide rails guarantee smooth gliding and also prevent the pallet from sagging. Hardly five weeks later, our specially designed PSV, sandblasted and powder-coated in fancy anthracite grey, was ready for take-off to the other side of the Atlantic. Transporting it to Los Angeles and San Francisco was virtually a cinch for Nippon Express’ automotive and aircraft fleet. In sunny California, by the way, mainly boxes with fruit and vegetables change pallets.


June 2018


PSV-ULTRA equalizes the difference in height

Regardless of height, material or packing size, with our PSV-ULTRA you are well advised in case of changing pallets! Major height differences between both pallets are no problem, whatever pallet type you choose, our newly developed PSV-ULTRA handles them all: plastic pallets (also H1* with edges) to aluminum or wooden pallets. Even smaller or variable shaped goods will be transfered onto the new pallet whatever height differences might come in the way.

This means, despite all the difficult conditions, the pallet change with the PSV-ULTRA is done in seconds! Adjust the loaded pallet as usual, push the new pallet with the forklift under the load from the front and slide out the old pallet to the rear. The heart of the PSV-ULTRA is a high-quality ball-bearing sliding element, which, like the device itself, is designed for maximum robustness and the longest service life. After removing the changed pallet, the drawer (with the old pallet) is returned to the device.
Test and information directly on request at SW-Paratus.

* H1 = hygiene pallet


March 2018

Packaging System "FLEXABOX"

Always the right packaging

Maybe you have already faced this problem:
You want to pack and ship something, but you just do not know which carton and system is best for your packaging problem? The devil is in the detail – as you say. That's why we thought about finding a solution for our customers. Our new FLEXABOX Packaging System offers a customizable design of the shipping package. Due its modular construction, our package system offers an ergonomic filling of the shipping box, as it can adapt cardboard rings piece by piece for an individual filling.

The basic structure always is a cardboard bottom, from which the individual rings are adjusted. With our FLEXABOX Corners, the basis for another carton ring is created – thus creating a stable shipping carton level by level. Finally, a lid is placed on the carton and the shipping unit is ready for strapping.

We are happy to provide the complete FLEXABOX-System including the cardboard rings in any quality specialised for our customers needs. Of course it is also possible to procure the cardboard rings separately as well. Also you will receive our custom build connecting corners – so you will get your own individual, innovative FLEXABOX Packaging System.


Great demand

LogiMAT 2018, our highlights in an interview

At this year's LogiMat 2018, the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions and process management, SW-Paratus was represented with two booths. We would like to thank all visitors for the lively interest in our exhibition and the many interesting technical talks and discussions.

See here our new developments, our products and an interview in a short video clip:

Watch the clip


September 2017

Now extra-lightly palletized

Successfully with crispbread

The world's largest crispbread specialist with the crown on the S asked us if we could test his products for him. Not on the tongue but directly on the carrier. And that with several pallets! Why the demand? Well, the food company Wasa/Barilla pays particular attention to its quality in the face of many pallet-changing operations per week: each pack should be just as intact in the trade as it leaves the production.

So do we have to put on velvet gloves? In short: no! In our test series with all sorts of varieties, the pallet change with the PSV worked smoothly as usual. And a touch more elegant, if the cardboard we recommend is laid under the product. Conclusion: When palletizing with our pallet sliding device PSV the sensitive crispbread certainly does not crack. No matter if Whole Grain, Light Rye, Hearty – we'll do a good job!


May 2017

Make a wish in sapphire blue

Make your dreams come true!

ABUS, a German quality manufacturer offers a large product range of innovative security solutions. Preferred material: Steel of all grades. The weights that come together in manufacturing and shipping are therefore regularly in the mid-hundredth range. Reason enough for the security specialist to be on the safe side in pallet handling as well: individually dimensioned plastic pallets are used in production!

Our task: the change to disposable wooden pallets for trucking.
Our solution: A pallet sliding device, adapted in width and length to the individual pallet size. Our addition: paint in the corporate color sapphire blue as the icing on the cake. PSV or PSS, we like to realize your special solution. Make your dreams come true!


March 2017

Great demand

Big interest on the LogiMAT 2017

The logistic sector is curious: in the short time of the fair our innovation got a great response, we’ve had very positive feedback. Representatives of well-known companies expressed their enthusiasm. Thank you very much for your interest and the informative conversations. A lot of international requests and new established contacts encourage us: our patented idea is the perfect solution for exchanging pallets in the area of logistics.

January 2017


Visit us at our stand at LogiMAT 2017

East entrance | Stand ES07

15th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow

14. – 16. March 2017 – Stuttgard Trade Fair Centre