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Pallet sliding device PSV

Changing pallets now easier than ever

With the innovative pallet sliding device PSV, changing pallets can now be accomplished in seconds: put the loaded pallet in the device, and then with the forklift, push the new pallet under the goods. In doing so, the former pallet slides out through an opening in the back. Available formats are EURO, INDUSTRY or CUSTOM, depending on the type of pallet used. A solidly welded ramming protection secures the back corners. In the PLUS version, polyamide rails, beveled on both ends, raise the installed pallet in such a way that flat pallets can be exchanged for higher ones (as with one-way/EURO).


Workmanship “Made in Germany”

Custom-made for the individual pallet system

For stability reasons, the construction has been beveled multiple times, has been strengthened with crossbeams and has ramming protection. Welded by authorized experts in metal-active-gas welding (MAG).

Attachment to the floor on site via screw holes (use appropriate, approved floor anchors, for example
anchor bolts or Express anchors in the case of concrete; if necessary, ask a structural engineer.)

SW-Paratus offers the changing station PSV in different sizes exactly aligned with EURO, industrial, one-way or half-format pallets. Additional tailor-made sizes upon request.