PSS – Pallet Stacking Station

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pallet stacking station PSS

Collect and stack perfectly

The pallet stacking station PSS is ideal for use as a pallet magazine and pallet dispenser to store pallets according to their size and use as well as stacking replaced ones securely on minimal floor space after the exchange. Just like the changing station, the stacking station is manufactured in the formats EURO, INDUSTRY, GMA, CARGO as well as CUSTOM.

 Pallet magazine and pallet dispenser PSS
Modular pallet magazine for max. 25 pallets

modular pallet magazine

Height as required

The modular system of the pallet stacking station enables the construction of pallet racks in the desired height. With its modular system, up to 25 pallets (10 + 10 + 5) can be securely stacked and stored in a small space.

The bottom module is bolted to the floor, the additional 10- and 5-pallet modules are securely screwed on top of one another. Slightly angled side plates on the operator's side facilitate the quick positioning of the pallets. Made of solid 4 mm steel plate and with stabilizing bending, the pallet dispenser is robustly designed for daily use.

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Pallet Stacking Station

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The pallet collecting station is manufactured in pallet format according to your requirement.

workmanship “Made in Germany”

Custom-made for the individual pallet system

The pallet stacking station helps stack pallets in an orderly fashion (according to size), to create order (for safety as well as visual reasons) and to guarantee speedy usage of the pallet sliding device. The PSS can be used as a dispensing as well as a collecting unit.

SW Paratus offers the stacking station PSS in different sizes exactly aligned with Euro pallets, UK pallets, barrel pallets, American GMA pallets, one-way or halfformat pallets. Additional tailor-made sizes upon request.

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