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Change pallets in seconds

The PSV-ULTRA makes a real difference

With the PSV-ULTRA, you can change pallets in seconds - no matter what kind of pallet you have: The core element is a highly durable slider on roller bearings that simply compensates for type-related height differences between source and target pallets. Special advantage: Changes from wood to plastic (also H1* with anti-slip edges) or to aluminum can be carried out just as smoothly as with wooden pallets of different construction types or qualities. In addition, changing pallets with smaller, different-sized packages is taken care of in no time.

*H1 = hygienic pallet


Clever and cost-efficient

Modular design, cost-efficient solution

The PSV-ULTRA can be perfectly modified to meet daily demands. Either to exchange contaminated or unstable pallets, or to switch from one system to the other. The entirely modular design offers many options.

  • Model for pallet widths of 800 mm (EURO) or 1000 mm (INDUSTRY)
  • Slider element with automatic return function
  • Extra third support (heavy-load/light-weight pallets)
  • Packing plates to compensate for pallet differences, steel sheet (5 mm)
  • Side cover sheets for models without slider element
  • Special customized model (CUSTOM) upon request (half-formats, disposable pallets, GMA pallets 48” × 40”)
  • Rust-proof models, special colors