Pallet change

Because day-to-day operations demand security and efficiency!

(en) Why change pallets

Why change pallets?

5 good reasons for switching pallets

From operational safety to shipping

Different reasons require the change of pallets in every day logistics:

✔ Pallet material

✔ Pallet types

✔ Pallet safet

✔ Pallet condition

✔ Pallets size

    (en) Palettenmaterial

    Change aluminum, wood or plastic pallets

    material requires pallet change

    Pallet material

    From wood to plastic, metal, aluminum, stainless steel or vice versa

    ✔ H1 hygiene standard, cleanroom, storage, shipping
    ✔ automated conveyor systems in plants, high-bay warehouses

    (en) Palettentyp

    change to another pallet system

    Pallet types

    Switching between Euro, CHEP, LPR, one-way

    ✔ import, export, in-house logistics

    Change pallet system or pallet type

    (en) Palettensicherheit

    repalletize defective pallets

    replace defective pallets

    Pallet safety

    Exchanging damaged pallets

    ✔ stability, avoiding hazards during storage, transport and load securing
    ✔ automated conveyor systems in plants, high-bay warehouses

    (en) Palettenzustand

    pallet does not comply with the standard

    Pallet condition

    Changing contaminated pallets

    ✔ dirt, mold, moisture, chemicals
    ✔ standards for storage and shipping

    Repalletize to food grade pallets

    (en) Palettengröße

    Pallet change in the PSV-ULTRA

    repalletize to another pallet format

    Pallets sizes

    System-related changes

    ✔ such as Euro (800 mm) to container (750 mm) or UK pallets (1000 mm)

    (en) Rubrik Video


    changing pallets in video clip, take a look at the benefits

    Switch pallets efficiently

    (en) Simpleshow

    Simply clever and cost-efficient: Now you can change pallets faster and easier than ever before with the innovative pallet-sliding device PSV ULTRA. Increase productivity, reduce costs and secure profitable advantages!

    (en) Advantages re-palletizing

    Pallet slider PSV-ULTRA

    Pallet Sliding Device

    Clear advantages of the PSV ULTRA

    • quickest pallet changes
      approx. 20 - 30 seconds compared to 15 minutes by hand
    • significant time saving
      only one emloyee, maximum process reliability
    • quickest cost amortization (ROI)
      6-12 months depending on number of changes
    • no energy consumption
      ✔ purely mechanical changeover processes without drives, without energy costs

    (en) Teaser links Palettenwechsler

    (en) Teaser rechts PSV-ULTRA

    (en) Optimizing pallet handling

    optimizing pallet handling

    Optimizing processes, accelerating flow of goods

    Accelerate the flow of goods, benefit from process optimization and make pallet handling ergonomic and safe for your workforce all at the same time.

    ✔ practice-oriented solution, in use worldwide
    ✔ one operator, one forklift
    ✔ self-explanatory, ergonomic operation
    ✔ compact design, space-saving installation
    ✔ purely mechanical model, long service life
    ✔ no drives, no energy consumption
    ✔ yearly maintenance optional

    Change pallets in seconds with PSV-ULTRA

    (en) Models PSV ULTRA

    PSV-ULTRA pallet changer in stainless steel

    Models PSV ULTRA

    Optimized for your pallet system

    ✔ Made in Germany, European patent

    The PSV ULTRA models are ideally adapted to your pallet system:

    • Standard pallets
      - Euro, CHEP, one-way (approx. 1200 x 800 mm), also H1, CP2, CP5
      - industrial, UK pallet (1200 x 1000 mm), also CP1
      - American GMA 48“ x 40“ (approx. 1219 x 1016 mm), also CP6
      - XL, cargo-, barrel pallets 48“ x 48“ (approx. 1200 x 1200 mm), also CP3, CP8, CP9
      - combi feature for occasional changes with narrower pallets
      - mobile pallet changer
    • Stainless-steel version
      - abrasion resistant (no entry of undesired substances), hygiene standards (cleanroom)
    • Additional customized dimensions possible on request
      - half format, one-way pallet (custom)
    • Customer-specific color optionally available
      - RAL color shades as required