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Optimizing processes for the free flow of goods

In short: Devote yourself to your core competence, and in the meantime we will study your logistics and find the bottlenecks. Trust SW Paratus as your logistics planner, take advantage of over 15 years of experience in planning logistic solutions. We will be happy to take on the project management and optimize the flow of materials, goods and information within your company.

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We are here to answer all your questions

Get in touch with us, every development at SW Paratus aims at speeding up the stream of goods, the processing time or the flow of materials. No matter whether it is logistical planning, storage technology, conveyor technology or the handling of goods, we will be happy to advise you in all questions concerning warehouse logistics.

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Analysis on site

Every request starts with a thorough analysis on site: Where is there potential for improvement, how can we eliminate disruptive factors, which stations can be made to run more perfectly? Ergonomics also plays an important role: What are suitable systems to meaningfully support the workforce during manual tasks? With SW Paratus’ detailed expertise, you can benefit directly: Make pioneering decisions, optimize your processes and, in the future, design logistic processes efficiently!

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Optimize logistics processes with your consulting company

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Save time and money

In warehouse logistics, processes between incoming and outgoing goods must be designed economically. Saving time and money is especially important. Not only the deployment of manpower, but also data management, warehouse management as well as managing and monitoring warehouse functions must be studied closely. Trust SW Paratus, your consulting firm for logistics, because, after all, it is all about optimizing logistical processes, so that goods can be found and made available with the smallest possible effort.